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Lyon Wide Storage Cabinets
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These big, 48" wide, 24" deep cabinets really function as storage closets, offering more capacity and reinforced shelves that easily handle big loads and big packages.

The wide cabinet area and wider double doors present easy access to store and retrieve large boxes, bulky and ungainly materials or pieces of equipment.

With all the features and construction details of Lyon 1000 Series storage cabinets these big units are ideally suited for areas where no storage room exists, or space limitations require fewer cabinets to handle more items. These cabinets are available in Dove Gray (DD), Putty (PP), Wedgewood (BB). Specify color by using two prefix letters.

Lyon 1031a Lyon 1031

Lyon Model #1031
48" Wide Storage Cabinet
A virtual storeroom of space,
this cabinet can hold 2000 pounds of parts, stationery, literature or supplies.

Double pan door reinforcement
for added strength and 3 piece welded shelf reinforcement that boosts load capacity to 400 lbs. per shelf. Cabinet features four adjustable shelves, fixed bottom shelf.  2000 lb. capacity. Size is 48”W x 24”D x 78”H.

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Lyon 1035

Lyon Model #1035
48" Wide Counter High Cabinet
Only waist high yet presents 24 cubic feet of storage space; 34% more room than the largest 36" wide counter high cabinet can offer.

These cabinets have all the features of 1000 Series Cabinets, plus sound deadening, double pan door reinforcement for added rigidity. Three piece welded-in shelf reinforcement ups shelf load capacity to 400 lbs.

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These Cabinets have
Improved "Quiet-Door" Feature
Now, nylon washers, plastic inserts and felt pads take the clang out of the metal in the door and lock bar assembly. The result is a quieter operating cabinet with no loss in strength or durability.

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