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Draper Projection Screens
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Draper Projection Screens are available in the following types and models.
Click on the links below to view the information on all of our permanently
mounted wall/ceiling hung or recessed projection screens.
Click here for Draper portable projection screens.

The Draper Tab Tensioning System is specifically designed for stretchable vinyl screen surfaces. These screen surfaces consist of a reflective vinyl with no textile backing. The surface must be tensioned sufficiently to stretch it flat so it will perform well.
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Wall/Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling Recessed

Draper Artisan/Series V
Draper Premier
Draper Silhouette/Series V

Draper Access/Series V
Draper Access MultiView
Access Sonata
Draper Ultimate Access/Series V
Draper Signature/Series V

This type of projection screen is sometimes referred to as free hanging or conventional. The reflective surface is laminated to a woven textile base. The screen surface hangs suitably flat because of the stability of the material it is laminated to and the weight of the bottom dowel.
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Wall/Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling Recessed

Draper Salara
Draper Baronet
Draper Targa
Draper Artisan/Series E
Draper Silhouette/Series E
Draper Paragon
Draper Rolleramic

Draper Access/Series E
Draper Ultimate Access/Series E
Draper Signature/Series E
Draper Ambassador
Draper Envoy

Click here for Draper Portable Projection Screens.

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