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Draper Projector Lifts & Mounts
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The Draper Video Projector Lifts allow you to keep your video
projector hidden when it is not in use!

The Draper Micro Projector Lift (MPL) is small and convenient, just like the projectors it is designed to accommodate. Weighing only 35 pounds, it can be installed in an existing 2' x 2' ceiling opening without disturbing the ceiling framework. Closed height of lifting unit is only 5” tall (not including projector, mounting mechanism or closure), so a minimal amount of overhead ceiling space is required.


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Draper's Scissor Lift SL and Scissor Lift SLX not only conceal your projector above the ceiling and set it exactly where you need it at presentation time, they also bring it down to within easy reach for service. The Draper Scissor Lift offers three positions: store, show and service. It has a small footprint, 23" wide and 23-1/2" deep for SL series. Scissors on the left, right and back sides of the unit stabilize the projector from any sway both laterally and front-to-back. Optional universal steel ceiling closure panel with a smooth surface finished in white baked enamel. The Scissor Lift can be recessed to accept ceiling tile.


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The Draper LCD Projector Lift is the most popular LCD/DLP/ LCOS projectors fit comfortably inside this ceiling recessed unit. Bomb bay style closure doors are standard. Plenum housing is aluminum, with closure doors finished in white. Contains internal switched duplex receptacle, 115v ac, which is powered when the unit is fully down. The LCD Projector Lift contains an innovative current sensor that delays closing of the unit until the projector fan has shut off. The Draper LCD Projector Lift has a lifting capacity 65 lbs.


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The Draper AeroLift 25 has the smallest footprint and height of any video projector. It installs easily between standard 2” thick ceiling joists on 16” centers. The maximum weight capacity of the AeroLift 25 is 25 lbs. Powdered by strong tubular motors for a simplified design, and features
a stabilizing arm which can be used for cable management. Built-in adjustability allows you to deal with job site conditions quickly and easily, like slightly out of square or irregularly spaced joists.
All components can be serviced from below.


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The Draper Revelation Projector Mount  permanently conceals the projector, and its noise - above the ceiling at all times. You won’t see or hear the projector - not before, during or after the show. You'll only see a hinged door in the ceiling, finished in white powder coat. Has dual first surface mirror system (10 mm thick) optical grade glass mirrors that are 94% reflective for optimum flatness and reflectivity. Combine the Revelation projector lift with a ceiling recessed projection screen and you will bring your video presentations to a new level!


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